How to Resolve Printer 900 Firmware Error Of Lexmark Printer?

Printer 900 Firmware Error generally occurs when we are trying to print but printer is receiving information from a network or any other PC device ,in that case users should immediately read our instructions given below. This is essential just because any communication issue with the users’ network or software is critical and thus leads to work delay. The error further proved to be occurring while the printer is idle or not even connected to the network or PC, though there may be a printer hardware or even connection issue. Often a bad connection with your Internal Network Adapter/Network Card can cause this kind of issue. But the very first thing is to check is that of the base printer.

Steps to Fix Printer 900 Firmware Error Of Lexmark

 Troubleshooting: Testing of the printer hardware

  • If your device is displaying a 900 Firmware Error, then simply power off the printer/MFP.
  • Leave it powered off for at-least 30 seconds or even for more to clear its memory completely.
  • While the printer/MFP is off, you are needed to clear of any pending print jobs from the computer as well from the network queue. This will further prevent all the corrupted print jobs from being re-sent to the printer/MFP when it is restarted
  • Power on the printer/MFP again.
  • Do check whether the error message returns or not.
  • Power off the printer/MFP and then disconnect all the communication cables
  • If possible, Printer Technical Support  blog professional team has suggested users to connect the printer’s power carefully cord directly into a grounded wall outlet.

If there is any kind of error appearing every time, then what you instantly have to do is  simply power off the printer/MFP, regardless of whether or not you have sent a print job? Power off the printer/MFP again and then carefully removes all the installed options from the printer/MFP. This would further include an optional paper tray which will come with extra memory and any other optional network cards.

Troubleshooting: Testing the Software

  • Try to send a unique print job to the printer. If errors occur while you send a particular print job or at the time while you print using a particular program, you may come across settings conflict in the software.
  • If multiple computers on a network use printer/MFP, and then check whether the error occurs from only one specific computer? If it does, then you are required to check the driver settings on that particular computer
  • If the 900 error is not dependent on a particular type of print job, program, or even on the computer/station, then it may be essential to add one of the communication cables or even the connection point to your network.
  • If the printer is well attached to a network, simply try plugging into the printer/cable into another network port

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