Optimum customer service

 Optimum customer service phone number

To order Optimum residential services, use the number listed for your region or place your order online.

Our regional telephone sales lines are open:
Monday – Friday 7am – 11pm
Saturday, 7am – 10pm
Sunday, 7am – 10pm

Many common issues with cable service can be fixed immediately by performing a few simple troubleshooting steps. Browse our Customer Service section and quickly find the answers to common questions about Optimum’s products and services before you call for assistance. If you do need to call, customer service technical support is provided 24 hours a day. All other support is available from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. on regular business days. Your current billing information and other support features are available on the Optimum Support App and TV channel 900.

Optimum Customer Service / Tech Support: 888-276-5255 (24/7)

Sales: 855-267-8468

Connecticut Residential Customer Service: 203-870-2583

Connecticut Residential Sales: 203-870-2491

New Jersey Residential Customer Service: 973-230-6046

New Jersey Residential Sales: 973-230-2036

Long Island Residential Customer Service: 631-393-0636

Long Island Residential Sales: 631-393-0706

NY: Bronx / Brooklyn / Westchester Residential Customer Service: 718-860-3513

NY: Bronx / Brooklyn / Westchester Residential Sales: 718-975-1179


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