Internet Explorer Customer Service

Independent Support For Internet Explorer IE extended as Internet Explorer started in year 1995 used among the web browser. The usage rate of Internet Explorer is higher near about ninety-five percent. The first release as part of add-on package Plus for Windows 95 and later which was made available was free. The latest release was Internet Explorer 11th¬†version along with announcement of Microsoft edge as a replacement as far as default browser is concerned. 800 […]

Google Chrome Customer Service

Google Chrome Support Phone Number, Email and Chat Link The Freeware web browser developed by Google being called as Google Chrome. The browser was first released in year 2008 month of September for Microsoft and was ported to Linux, MacOS, iOS and android. An estimation says Chrome has 63% worldwide usage share of Web browser as desktop browser. The dynamic interference, cozy look, easy navigation hold breath of users while we surfing, watching video, creating […]