How to Fix HP Printer Communication Error Mac?

To Fix HP Printer Communication Error Mac is not such as challenging task for users. Generally, the issue occurs, when someone is trying to print something from their Mac computer or the HP printer, but it says: “Communication Failure: In this situation the computer is no longer able to communicate with your printer”. So if you are one of those users, who are facing the same error. Then you don’t need to worry about it. There could be many reasons behind this cause, including a printer, computer, or wireless network, software  & driver issues, Printer setting issues or communication error between your PC and printer, etc. But you need not to worry, you can easily solve the problem, as here we are to guide you through this blog.We will simply guide you on how to solve HP Printer Communication Error Mac, by applying troubleshooting solutions or steps. You can also go trrough HP Printer support blog to connect with technicians to get the comprehensive guide.

Solution 1:- Turn Your Printer Off

Firstly the problem can be caused by other file running, which can easily fixed by turning OFF the PC. In that situation you should need to restart your HP printer, can be handy in fixing the issue.

  • First, simply turn off your printer.
  • Wait for 30 seconds and turn it back on.
  • Once it starts to check to see if the print function works.

Solution 2:-Check for Mac Device Compatibility

Secondly you should keep in mind that along with every new OS update, it’s important you check the compatibility especially if you haven’t upgraded your printers in a while. In order to check for the device compatibility for your printer, please click on this Apple’s list to see if your printer is impacted.

Also, ensure that to upgrade your Mac to the latest OS.

Solution 3:- Check to Confirm That Your Printer Allows Air print

Whenever you are getting problem  to know about the list,then in that case ,Apple provides a list of Printer manufacturers and their products that are compatible with Air Print. Then verify that your printer model is covered in the latest list from Apple.

Solution 4:- Confirm, Does Your Printer Manufacturer Have Apps?

To help in getting to know about the HP Printer,,the Company has published their apps in the Apple store. Then you need to download the manufacturer’s app from the Apple store and trying it with your mac can sometimes help in resolving your printer or communication error mainly if you are having to scan related issues.

Solution 5:-Ensure, that Printer is connected to the USB Port

If you have configured your printer in a setup where it is connected to the USB port of your Mac, disconnect it.

  • Turn both the computer and your HP printer OFF.
  • Next, wait 1 minute.
  • Then turn the computer ON wait until it fully boots.
  • Now you have to turn printer ON, wait until it fully boots.
  • Next, reconnect your printer from the USB port.
  • From the “Finder” option, select “Apple menu”, then “System Preferences”, and then click “Printers & Scanners”.
  • Then select your printer from the list of devices. You might need to wait a moment for it to appear.

Once you are connected, try to print again.

Solution 6:- Check Printer Connected via Network

If your HP printer is connected via a network, try resetting the network settings on your printer.

  • Ensure that your HP printer and computer are on same WiFi network or if connected via Ethernet SAME network
  • Next, open “System Preferences”, then do the below task.
  • Select “Printers & Scanners” option.
  • If Printer shows up in left column, select it and remove it using the minus (-) sign
  • Confirm “Delete Printer”
  • Now, restart your computer
  • Open “System Preferences & Scanners” option
  • Then chose plus (+) sign to add your printer
  • Default: Next, choose Default to display the list of printers connected to your Mac or discoverable on your local network. You can use the search field at the top of the window to narrow your search.
  • IP: Then choose IP if your device is connected to your network and you know the device’s IP address (or host name) and protocol. If you don’t have this information, check the network settings on your printer to see if this information is available

Once you have completed the set-up, then please try to print and test to see if your problem is resolved.

Solution 7:- Resetting Printer Systems

Occasionally, Reset Printing system can solve the printer related issues.

Follow the steps to do this:-

  • Control-click anywhere in the list of devices in “Printers & Scanners preferences”.
  • Then choose “Reset printing system” from the shortcut menu that appears.
  • Resetting the printing system causes all printers and scanners, which including their queues, jobs, and custom settings, to be removed from Printers & Scanners preferences
  • Follow the steps to add your printer again and test out your printing.

Solution 8:-Update/Reset Printers Folder on your Mac

  • From the “Finder”, choose “Go”, and then “Go to Folder”.
  • Then type /Library/Printers/ and click “Go” option.
  • Next, your Printers folder opens.
  • Then select “Edit”, and then “select All to select all items in the folder”.
  • Choose “File”, then “New Folder with Selection” to put all of the selected items into a new folder named New Folder With Items.
  • Follow the steps to add your printer again and give it a try.
  • If your device is compatible and the firmware is up to date, the steps above to reset the printer settings should help in resolving your issue.

In case, you are getting this same error, then you should contact at HP printer customer care number for instant help & resolution.

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