How to Fix Epson Printer W-61 Error?

The Epson Printer W-61 Error is a communication error which is one of the most general errors faced by Epson Printer Users. It is crucial to Fix Epson Printer W-61 Error to maintain its smooth functioning and to protect it from further damages.

There are two possible reason due to which this communication error may occur.

  • Power light does not turn on
  • And Power light is on but nothing is found to be a printer.

It is kind of frustrating when you are in middle of an urgent work and your printer stops working due to this error. But thanks to our professional team we have been able to come up with many effective solutions to debug this error.

Solutions to Fix Epson Printer W-61 Error:

Epson Printer Customer Support Blog has made it easier for you to troubleshoot this error by jotting down possible solutions to rectify this error permanently.

Solution 1: Looking for Proper Internet Connectivity

The first and foremost thing you need to check is that there is proper internet connectivity between your printer and your system through a same network. Make sure both of them are connected through same network at the time of printing.

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Solution 2: Using of an appropriate USB cable

Check the USB is compatible with your system or not. Generally, use the USB cables that comes with the device to avoid such errors.

Solution 3: Accurate Installation Process

Install the driver through CD that comes with the device and also make sure there is no error while following the process.

If the issue still persists, contact our expert technicians for further details.

Make a Call at Epson Customer Care Number for expert assistance:

Call our technical team at Epson Customer Care Number to get professional assistance and get complicated issues resolved in time. Our well skilled experienced team which is available 24*7 is ready to assist you anytime around the clock and provide sound solutions to all your complex to complex queries. Not only that, they will also assist you with a further recommendation to avoid such errors in the future too.

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