How to Fix Brother Printer Error Message “Print Unable 72”?

In today’s competitive world,everyone has be very fast and to match this pace everyone has to use electronic machines,and one of the electric machine that are in great use today is printer.But many a times dealing with this electric machine can be sometime very hectic.There are many error that may interrupt our working is Print unable 72.The message ‘in the Brother printer known as “Print Unable 72” will appear on the display only because of the mechanical malfunction of the Brother printer. The machine often may be incapable to function in an accurate way because of the compression which is happening inside the printer and is caused by a temperature fluctuation inside and the outside of the machine.  To clear such kind of error message our Brother Printer Support team members have followed few guidance to Fix Brother Printer Error Message Print Unable 72.


Steps to Fix Brother Printer Error Message “Print Unable 72”

Step1: Verification of the firmware version:

  • Brother printer strongly recommends the machine to work with the latest firmware by ensuring that it is working at the optimum settings.
  • Press the “*” sign as well as the “# “keys at the same time while working on the numeric keypad of the machine panel.
  • Wellif you see that the first line of the machine’s display this kind of message as” *’ and “ #’ sign,, then simply press “STOP/EXIT” button and repeat the process until several letters and numbers are displayed at the top row of the machine’s display.
  • Once several letters and numbers have been displayed in the top row of the Brother printer, then the first letter on the left side will be showing users its firmware version.

Step2: Turning off Brother printer power button and then again turn the switch “ON”.

  • If you find zero errors, go to the next step
  • If the error shows a return message and your printer is within the warranty period, then users are requested to get in touch with expert professionals

Step 3: Printing of the User Settings by just pressing “MENU” button is a vital step

  • Check for the User Settings whether it is printed or not and also whether the error does not return back or not?
  • If you see that the error returning on a repeated basis and your machine is within the warranty time, you can easily get in touch with the expert team of professionals.


So, I hope all your critical queries have been well solved. But still if are not satisfies with the solution, then do go through our blogs of Brother Printer customer Support blog for immediate assistance by our certified technician.

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