The Best Guide on Paper Jams in Printers

Now days keeping printers at home or office has become a need of the hour,but maintaining it can sometime be a hectic task.One of the widely seen problem is paper jam in printers.We frequently deal with paper jam in printers and scanners, it is the most common and observed issue we faced in printers life cycle. Most often, the problem persists with old printers but sometimes, the new printer also faces a similar issue. However, if we will understand the actual problem, we can adjourn the paper jam issue. We bring you a few tips that will enable users to overcome paper jam problem.

Lose the Sheet

First and foremost we should lose the sheet at the time we put a paper bunch into the tray, usually, the paper gets stuck into the each other and stuck into the cabin. While putting the paper bunch in a tray, roll the stack diagonally twice in the opposite direction. Do make sure that packet is kept away from humidity.

Overloaded Sheet and Alignment

Generally, to save time, people overload the paper tray with a bunch of papers, which cause paper jam frequently, to make sure you have reduced numbers of paper before giving printing command. Similarly, printer slider has to be aligned in the right manner to overcome paper jam issue.

Paper Size and Paper Mix

Sometime you may face this problem when paper tray accepts standard paper size, using folded papers, gum papers, hard papers, and large papers can stick into the tray. Don’t mix with different sizes and to save papers. To enhance the good paper quality, clean the toner for good quality.

Clean Your Printer

One of the easiest way of keeping this problem away is by keeping your printer clean always; make sure you are regularly clearing dust, even it decrease the print quality, clean the dust with a soft brush. Observe your printer, if the problem is continuously arising due to dust, keep it clean, if some particular paper is creating a problem, and don’t use it again. Check the printer setting regularly and make a default printer setting.

Once you made a checklist of all points and facing similar challenges, go through our printer customer blog and get the detailed solution for this.

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