Who Called Me From 877-242-7372

Just get a call from this number? This number is from Chase Internet Service Center (not spam).

Chase Bank generally call customers to give activation key for their accounts and sometimes they call if they find any fraudulent transaction in your account they will sometimes use to call you.

So it’s not a spam number its official Chase bank customer service number.

You can also call on this number if you need any assistance regarding opening a new account in chase bank or having issues with a current account or want to clear any doubt about generating a new activation key.

chase bank 1800

If you call this number back, you will get the menu (IVR) below.

  • Welcome to the Chase Internet Service Center.
  • For automated account information press one.
  • For personal landline or mobile banking support press two.
    • For checking savings or debit card account press one.
    • For credit card press two.
    • For loans or a line press three.
    • To return to the previous menu press four.
  • For business online or mobile banking support press three.
  • To repeat this options press four.
  • To speak with a customer service specialist, press zero.

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